[Server-devel] Thesis Topic Measuring Connectivity

C. Scott Ananian cscott at laptop.org
Mon May 12 13:03:50 EDT 2008

2008/5/10 Joshua Wynn <joshua.wynn at nyu.edu>:
>  My name is Joshua Wynn a thesis student at NYU that is in the process of
> doing research that involves OLPC effort to provide efficient network
> connectivity. I became fascinated with this non profit Organization back in
> developing nations that OLPC has worked with. I would like to ask you if is
> possible that I can pointed in the right direction of data and contacts
> pertaining to the network and server connectivity deployment aspect.  I am

Your best bet is to write software to run on the XO that will measure
& collect the data you want.  We can probably assist after that to get
your software installed in some of our pilots.

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