[Server-devel] Thesis Topic Measuring Connectivity

Joshua Wynn joshua.wynn at nyu.edu
Sat May 10 18:15:05 EDT 2008

Hello All,

My name is Joshua Wynn a thesis student at NYU that is in the process of
doing research that involves OLPC effort to provide efficient network
connectivity. I became fascinated with this non profit Organization back in
2005 after reading a series of news articles on this great initiative.  I
now have the opportunity to conduct a thesis level study on OLPC.  My focus
has been narrowed to the network connectivity within classrooms.  I would
like to focus how children will receive a stable connection with the laptops
in the classrooms.  I was looking into two countries both Peru and Uruguay.
I am looking to measure the duration of connectivity, how long it takes for
a laptop to stay connected, and how many laptops can simultaneously connect
at a time within a classroom. 

I having been searching for information on deployments in the various
developing nations that OLPC has worked with. I would like to ask you if is
possible that I can pointed in the right direction of data and contacts
pertaining to the network and server connectivity deployment aspect.  I am
trying to collect as much data as I can on success and failure rates, the
causes and effects, and what other variables there may be within the

I look forward to adding to the body of knowledge with data I hope to
analyze and being able to contribute (via wiki) where possible.

Any help you can provide would be most appreciative.

Thank you very much,


Joshua Wynn

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