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Dear all,

We are participating in Google Summer of Code again this year, and now
accepting applications from mentors.  We are holding the first of a
series of quick discussions about SoC tomorrow (saturday) at 2100 UTC
/ 1700 EST in #olpc.  Please join us to share advice to share from
SoC's past, find out about applying to be a mentor or student, or to
satisfy your curiosity.

GSoC is a particularly good way for local groups working on cool
software in different countries to get involved intensely in OLPC work
over the summer; you don't have to travel to participate, and members
of existing teams can apply to take up a specific project under an
OLPC mentor.

There will be a SoC mailing list for people who want to discuss
details (which the accepted mentors and interns can use to discuss
their work); I'll post again when that is set up.

In the meantime, if you know people who
 * are working at or with a school using XOs in the classroom
* have been working on XO-related development, or have submitted a
project proposal in the past
* are currently thinking about how to promote OLPC or support its
mission in their part of the world,
 * have been actively involved in your neighborhood OLPC interest group,

Please encourage them to apply to either mentor (if they have skills
and time to help students develop their own ideas) or be a GSoC
student (if they have a software / activity idea of their own).

Mentorship applications are open now:

Student applications will be open starting on Monday, for only one week.

A few would-be students have contacted me by mail or phone to talk
about potential GSoC projects; you are all welcome to do so over the
coming week.

+1 617 529 4266

ps - feel free to translate this into other languages and pass it on
to regional mailing lists (or post the translations as well to
grassroots at lists.laptop.org)

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