[Server-devel] Database on server

Carol Lerche cafl at msbit.com
Thu Mar 20 15:13:41 EDT 2008

I hope not a religious war on my part.  I am happy with both choices
abstractly (and I am a big user of sqlite3 as well, which is excellent but
not so much for multi-user update-heavy applications).  My point (and this
whole comment is certainly directed at Martin, who is the ongoing developer)
is just that after installing many open-source projects that have database
access, there seem to be a non-trivial number that don't support PostGres
but do support MySQL, so it might be helpful to make that the pre-installed

As to Sameer's point that anything can be installed after the fact:  that's
true with a reliable connection.  Having just spent several weeks in
connectivity hell, I can assure you that trying to do "yum install" over a
line that has frequent glitches is miserable, so it would be kind to try to
make "most common" decisions in the base install.  (And drupal, btw is one
of those packages that supports both databases.)
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