[Server-devel] Testing Plan for XO's

Bryan Berry bryan.berry at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 22:57:58 EDT 2008

Yama Wrote:	
>Just one suggestion, taken from the days I was in retail: use a 
>self-adhesive label with fields already marked with Boot, Firmware, 
>Software, Load.  Then the tester initials OK each box.  That label 
>should be on the XO itself - it is way too easy to get a tested XO in 
>the wrong box, this way you don't have to keep track of the boxes 
>belonging to which XO etc and what is marked on them.
>This used to be sort of standard procedure when QA electronics - not 
>that common anymore...


Thanks Yama, using the self-adhesive is a great idea. I just need to
find one that comes off easily when we are done testing.


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