[Server-devel] Sharing Expreriences

Bryan Berry bryan.berry at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 00:54:44 EDT 2008

> Hello,
> In the next couple of months,  we are going to begin an OLPC pilot  
> here in Colombia, i've been lurking around in this list
> to learn about the school server installation and so on, although  
> there are nice documents in the wiki, that i'm beginning to  
> translate to spanish, i wanted to know if anyone of you have  
> special recommendations for this installation or also wanted to  
> share with me your experiences about it, although i haven't been in  
> the designated places to this pilot, i'm beginning to make a test  
> environment.	

Great to hear!

We haven't tested the build 160 yet but look forward to using it.

I highly recommend installing XFCE4 if you are not a command line master

yum groupinstall 'XFCE4'
yum groupinstall 'X Window System'

XS-150 didn't have all the necessary dependencies for X Windows to run
properly so we needed the second command. Don't know if the same applies
to XS-160

I am working on an Acceptance and Testing plan for the XO's that may be
useful to you.

One of these days I intend to write a sysadmin guide, one of these
days . . .

In general, the XS documentation is a mess. There are way too many ideas
and suggestions clouding what the XS actually does.

Good Luck, Rafael! I know you have been working very hard on this for a
very long time.


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