[Server-devel] Sharing Expreriences

Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero dirakx at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 17:29:55 EDT 2008


In the next couple of months,  we are going to begin an OLPC pilot here in
Colombia, i've been lurking around in this list
to learn about the school server installation and so on, although there are
nice documents in the wiki, that i'm beginning to translate to spanish, i
wanted to know if anyone of you have special recommendations for this
installation or also wanted to share with me your experiences about it,
although i haven't been in the designated places to this pilot, i'm
beginning to make a test environment.

Are there any special metodologies that i should follow to do this ?
what are your experiences with the active antennas?

Thanks and looking forward to hear your answers :)!

Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero
One Laptop Per Child
rafael at laptop.org
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