[Server-devel] Drupal on OLPC?

Stefan Reitz stefan_w_reitz at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 13 11:18:08 EDT 2008

Hello fellow travellers,

I am not really familiar with Drupal, I used to think of it as a kind of precursor to Joomla (a bit like mambo). Drupal adepts may get angry with me here.

I have set up several sites with Joomla, and keep getting amazed by its community support and availability (lots !!) of contributions / "plug-ins".

If you consider putting a Content Management System on the XS (and Moodle has lots of the touch and feel of Joomla and really is a specialized flavour of a CMS), you would also want to have a look at Joomla.

Joomal is largely php based, and once you have gotten a grip on CSS (you don't have to - you can run with lots of free templates), there is virtually no limit to the appearance of your site.

The amount of configuration is on the painless side of the scale. Of course you still have to enter your contents, but then configuration is more optional than essential.

Just my 2 cents


>The kids in Uruguay have started blogging a lot with the XO. Posting

>Adivinanzas (riddles) seem like a popular item.

>See: http://www.blogger.com/profile/06134894806578234196

>Now they are asking for more sophisticated content management and we

>have already flagged Drupal as a tool that may fit the bill. I wrote a

>brief requirements definition of what they want, now posted here:


>We need another round of discussion with the teachers to nail down their

>requirements but all signs point towards Drupal so far...

I have worked w/ Drupal in the past and I think it is one of the better

LAMP cms's. I have found that it takes a fair amount of configuration. 

I would love to see a good stock configuration of Drupal for the School

Server. It is not appropriate for the XO as Ben Schwartz points out.

There already is the Moodle cms on the XS but I am not familiar w/

Moodle and I don't know what kind of blogging functionality it has 

*punt* => to Martin

Bert, pls join the discussion on server-devel at lists.laptop.org 


Bryan W. Berry

Systems Engineer

OLE Nepal, http://www.olenepal.org


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