[Server-devel] mesh with ejabberd

sulochan acharya sulochan at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 12:49:04 EDT 2008

Hey guys,
I was experimenting the active antenna with ejabberd server, and i have a
My understanding is that when the laptop is linked to a jabber server the
laptop goes into a infrastructure mode?? which then helps to cut on the
overhead caused by multicast traffic?? I am not sure how this happens? I
have jabbered running and working with the XO but the XO (mesh) is still on
ad-hoc mode...does this mean anything? I ask this because when i use a
router as an AP to do the same the XO mesh goes into managed mode..does this
mean anything?
Sorry for my lack of understanding of the mesh. Isnt the rreq and rrep stop
once a unicast route is set? And only recast a rreq when a node goes missing
or moves away??

How does jabbered help with this?
Would really appreciate some pointers on this.
thanks once again.

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