[Server-devel] shared roster optimisation

Dafydd Harries dafydd.harries at collabora.co.uk
Mon Mar 10 09:31:08 EDT 2008

Ar 10/03/2008 am 13:13, ysgrifennodd Robert McQueen:
> Dafydd Harries wrote:
> > Ar 05/03/2008 am 16:17, ysgrifennodd Dafydd Harries:
> >> Ar 04/03/2008 am 21:27, ysgrifennodd Christophe Romain:
> >>> this is a path problem, erlang do not find the beam files
> >>> see the -pa argument and check it points your ejabbers ebin directory
> >> It seems the RPM is installing two ejabberdctl files. One is in /usr/bin and
> >> is a symlink to a binary "consolehelper" executable. The other is a shell
> >> script in /usr/sbin which invokes erl. That script definitely had the wrong
> >> ebin path, but changing it from /var/lib/ejabberd/ebin (which doesn't exist)
> >> to /usr/lib/ejabberd-2.0.0/ebin (which does) doesn't seem to fix anything.
> > 
> > Does the /usr/lib path look sane? Certainly there are a bunch of .beam files
> > in it in this installation.
> > 
> > My backup plan was to stick with beta1 and update the patches, but it seems
> > that the patches to make ejabberd build with Erlang 12b don't apply to that
> > version. I don't really understand how it was building for Rob without these
> > patches though.
> As you may now have discovered, I was building on jabber.laptop.org,
> which has erlang-R11B-2.4.fc7. F8 at least now has Erlang R12 by
> default, so on F8 systems you need to downgrade to Erlang R11 (as
> documented at
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Ejabberd_Configuration#Packages). If FC7 has
> now also moved to Erlang R12, then either the instructions need updating
> to point to an appropriate Erlang R11 RPM for FC7, or R12 build patches
> need to be included. Someone (although I can't remember who) suggested
> to me that moving to Erlang R12 might not be beneficial for stability,
> although the P1 guys will presumably be able to confirm whether or not
> this is actually the case.

I made a build that seems to work by building on jabber.laptop.org.
Presumably the relevant factor is the older Erlang version. I only got it
working with 2.0.0-beta1; I can't remember right now whether I tried building
2.0.0 on jabber.laptop.org. Certainly the patch to make it build with older
versions of Erlang doesn't apply cleanly to 2.0.0, but there's an updated
version in the git repository.


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