[Server-devel] Everex gpc mini - an option for the XS?

Adrian Chadd adrian at squid-cache.org
Thu Mar 6 22:26:33 EST 2008

On Thu, Mar 06, 2008, John Watlington wrote:

> We weren't aware of Polipo.  Interesting project, but it appears to  
> be more of an
> intellectual curiosity than a production-ready forward proxy.   Has  
> anybody on
> the list given it a good testing ?

polipo is interesting for two reasons - the guy tries to use scatter/gather
io 'right'; and he's tried to implement pipelined connection support.
I like the attempt at supporting sparse objects but its not that
fantastic in a shared proxy environment.

> No real performance testing is reported.  The quick and dirty results  
> shown on
> their web site show Squid performing significantly better when there  
> are more
> than two clients hitting the cache.   There is no discussion of the  
> mem/disk ratio
> required (one of Squid's big problems).

If someone actually asked the Squid project to fix this then I'm sure
it could be fixed. One of my biggest problems in the project right now
is the lack of feedback to the developers and thus various crazy
directions are taken as developers work on what takes their fancy.
I'd prefer to work on what gets the project adopted and I'd be happy
to throw what small amount of spare time I have into fixing the above


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