[Server-devel] packages to install XFCE4 and X Windows

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Wed Mar 5 06:56:15 EST 2008

As most of X is installed on the server build already, the packages
needed to get an X server running are minimal:

yum install gdm gnome-session gnome-terminal

You can start X by running:
  telinit 5
or by editing /etc/inittab to change the default runlevel and rebooting.

But XFCE4 sounds lighter weight...


On Mar 5, 2008, at 4:51 AM, Bryan Berry wrote:

> John,
> Sorry I missed this request. Will try to get you the list of needed
> packages for X Windows and XFCE4
> John Watlington Wrote:
>> Sure.   Can you provide me with a list of the packages needed ?
>> In order to run wireshark, I've been manually installing some
>> missing pieces of Gnome.   It is clear that until we DO have headless
>> servers, we want to provide some windowing system support.
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