[Server-devel] Target price and quantitiy

Tony Pearson tpearson at us.ibm.com
Mon Jun 23 12:59:23 EDT 2008

> From: " Christopher Niem?ller "
> I was playing around with some embedded computing and rugged hardware
> and got some questions.
> Whats the target price for the school server?
> How many school server are needed anyway?
> Whats the typical power source for the server? 12V DC or 24V DC or
> 110V AC or 230V AC?
> What are the other conditions like temperature and humidity? Would it
> be enough if the server is capable of operating between 0?-55?C and
> 0-90% humidity?
> Which outlets are really needed (w/ switch)?
> I guess something like:
> -4x Ethernet (over the switch)
> -4x USB2.0
> -1x Power
> Is something like a vga, p/s2, rs232, ... needed?

Chris, I put together a school server from parts at a local computer 
supply store for $530.  This
is for a project for OLPC Uruguay ( 
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Educational_Blogger_Project )

The full parts list is here: 

In addition to XS, I also have Fedora 7 and Debian 4 Etch installed in a 
multi-boot GRUB.
The software installation: 

The entire machine needs only a single RJ45 Ethernet connection.  I am 
able to access
the system remotely from my Windows PC using OpenSSH.  I have created a 
SysRescCD that allows me to boot into SSHD mode to perform the install and 
admin remotely.

Currently, I have it set up as a  RAID1 mirror between two 160GB drives, 
but I have two
30GB un-raided partitions, for a total space of 190GB.  The implementation 
could easily
accomodate larger or more drives to have the 500GB Wad suggests.

I need to figure out Moodle+PostgreSQL this week, then I ship it off to 
its final destination.


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