[Server-devel] EduBlog Revised Project Plan (Tarun Pondicherry)

Greg Smith (gregmsmi) gregmsmi at cisco.com
Tue Jun 10 16:11:51 EDT 2008

Hi All,

Thanks for the comments and great progress!

I'll try to respond to all open items in one pass.

- On group edit. Thanks to Alex for the link and sanity check on
collaboration support in Browse. I think we should let it go for this
first implementation. When Browse does collaborate at OS/sugar level we
can just use that. 

Here is one fall back idea. Assume one editor at a time. Add an
additional post status of "available for edit". Add a link to the
"available for edit" to all students default blog post page. Clicking an
"available to edit" link goes to the edit page for the post. Then you
can tweak it and re-submit. This would only be available for posts not
sent to a blog yet. Teacher page can take a submitted post and flag it
to allow that serial editing. Let me know if that makes sense and how
hard it is. If its possible we can run it by some teachers. Best case,
we call it a stretch goal.

- On full featured formatting and options vs. simple. Power user access
is done by just going to the blog and doing it there. We should start
super-simple and see what else people want. Super simple to me is: enter
text, add image and post. If Tarun wants to include more formatting and
make it hidden for default that's OK, but simple, clean and elegant is
the primary goal.

- On auth. User name entered once then cookie sounds good. Zero auth
(aka no user or pass) is even better but "enter once" should be fine for
now. That's my take but I'll try to get more feedback too. We need to
discuss security, especially if its hosted on the Internet. Within a
school I think we could say that EduBlog URLs are only accessible from
LAN. If EduBlog is over the Internet, how do we prevent other people
from using it? My goal is that it be as secure as the blog being posted
to. E.g. blogger.com. How do we get that level of protection with user
name and cookie only? Also, how do we prevent sniffing of passwords
between XO and EduBlog?

- On Debian and Uruguay XS config. We got a first pass of info from
Latu. They have MySQL right now :-( I have to talk to Pablo some more
and see if they will install Moodle + PostGreSQL once we can prove
demand for this app. In any case, first pass is Fedora + Moodle + XS
build served via Internet. 

I'd like to hear more comments on how we get to zero touch Moodle
install for EduBlog. The teachers in Peru are actively discussing how to
install and use Moodle. See:

Bottom line for me is to see an update on Yuri's Lora by the end of
August :-)

We're on the right track, thanks for all the great work.


Greg S

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