[Server-devel] EduBlog Revised Project Plan

Tarun Pondicherry tarunpondicherry at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 01:13:55 EDT 2008

Hi Martin,

Thanks for clearing up how set up blogs! 
> Sounds reasonable - even if we had everything "done" now, it would be
> impossible to ensure it is deployed on your schedule.
Aside from authentication, I think I can get a basic usable version 
working on Greg's schedule.  Do you foresee some problems that I haven't 
thought of?
> A non-XS-based installation probably means usernames/passwords will be
> required - we can only do magic authentication tricks with the local
> XS.
For the alpha, perhaps we can authenticate by name only w/o a password?
>> My secondary concern is that many programmers know how to build Apache +
>> Script + DB Web Apps (LAMP if you will). If we can say "LAMP skills is
>> all you need to build dynamic XS hosted web sites for XO" that's a big
>> plus. Its tougher if we add "must know, install and configure Moodle" or
>> worst case "must modify Moodle source". Better if we recommend and doc
>> sharing resources with Moodle (e.g. DB and auth) but otherwise build
>> your own web app.
> A ton of people know how to install moodle, there are guides
> everywhere, and a forum packed with people helping eachother install
> Moodle. We can just provide the additional module, and/or an
> already-patched version of Moodle.
I'll have to look at this more, but, I believe its possible for me to do 
deal with most of the Moodle editing and let other LAMP developers make 
their classes/functions independent.  I've hacked at Moodle before so I 
feel comfortable dealing with it.  I can then just connect to those 
other files from within Moodle.  As far as the editor, if we have to 
support IE and FF, developers will have to hack on an existing editor, 
so no change in this regard.  Is that a mutually acceptable solution?
>  - if using oublog, the "sitecourse" which is the frontpage, has an...
Why does Moodle have two blog modules anyway?
> Re-reading those, I still think moodling our way forward is the
> easiest. Some of those req's are going to be hard to accomplish, but
> we can discuss that separately.
I don't have the experience to say if this is the easiest way, but, at 
the same time, I don't think it makes our work that much harder.  If 
Martin thinks Moodle is the best way to go, I think we can go for it.


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