[Server-devel] Problems installing XS on new system for

Greg Smith (gregmsmi) gregmsmi at cisco.com
Thu Jun 5 14:40:33 EDT 2008

Hi All,

We have a disconnect about the target OS!

Its my fault for not having tighter synch with tech leads in Uruguay.

I'm forking a private thread and I'll get it ironed out ASAP. Please
hold the XS bring up until I can nail down the correct target XS. If
Uruguay is on a non-standard OS we may have to build this app for more
than one flavor of Linux :-(

The fundamental web app design is still applicable so we can continue
with the design of that.

I'm just glad we caught it early.

I'll come back as soon as I get it squared away. 


Greg S

Edublog != Ceibal. If this was Ceibal, I suspect you'd be installing
Debian ;-)


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