[Server-devel] School Server short term wish list

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Thu Jan 31 22:36:59 EST 2008

On December 5, we made a short wish list of tasks for the school server.
Here is where that currently stands:

 >> 1 - Current libertas/firmware

Yes, although no automatic system exists for pushing new changes  

 >> 2 - server upgrade (test, mirror+ )

Tested.  There are some obvious flaws with the system, but it will do  
for now:

- the per-machine network configuration being done manually means  
that we
don't currently have a way of updating the network setup without  
the WAN setup (and any other changes).

- the idea of linking in the configuration files is fragile, and has  
which are currently mishandled.

 >> 3 - remote access (unconfigured on install)

No progress.  Still looking for good IPv6 tunnel endpoint solution

 >> 4 - Disaster Recovery through registration plus rsync

Registration works and is tested.

Backup and restore require update of scripts and testing.

 >> 5 - Jabber

ejabberd is bundled now.
- It requires per-school manual configuration
- No scalability
- It memory leaks and crashes after a while.
Collabora is looking into replacement servers, and getting ejabberd  

 >> 6 - web cache

Turned on by default in the next build.  It's been in the builds and  
I've been manually
turning it on and testing it.

- no IPv6 support  in squid!
- we can use apache w. proxy autodiscovery, but that doesn't work for  

 >> 7 - XO activation via XS

To Be Added Real Soon

 >> 8 - XO update from XS (OFW, copy-nand, olpc-update)

To Be Added Real Soon

 >> 9 - web server (content)

I'll get something from SJ...

 >> 10 - web filtering

Being tested, possibly in next build.
- no IPv6 support (uses squid, the web cache)

 >> 11 - wikis
 >> 12 - UI for configuration
 >> 13 - XO backup through XS
 >> 14 - Sharing through backed up files

 >> 15 - Multiple servers in a school

While this wasn't listed on Dec. 5, the Ulan Bataar trial pushed this  
one on us.

Unfortunately, the solution implemented doesn't support IPv6.
An IPv6 solution requires some rework of the kernel.

 >> 16 - Reducing Power

This is also being thrust into the forefront.   Right now, the low power
servers I'm using take about 18 to 24W of power (w. disk and three AAs).
We need to reduce this when the server is unused, so that schools can
leave them running and available.
Suspend/Resume testing on the server, yeah!

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