[Server-devel] troubles with Server

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Mon Jan 28 13:49:13 EST 2008

On Jan 28, 2008, at 12:23 PM, juan josé estrada ventura wrote:

> good afternoon gentlemen:
> My problem is about the configuration of the Server. I've installed  
> the XS Server software. I've follewed the instructions, but none of  
> the XO's con't find the server, and i have connected the antenna.

Let's start at the beginning.   Build 150 ?
Does the server see the Active Antenna ?   (ifconfig or iwconfig  
should help)

Eventually, there should be steps at:
to walk you through this process.   Unfortunately, between  
development and support
there isn't much time to update the Wiki....

> So if you can tell me one way to activate it, or make it visible  
> for the XO's.

How many laptops are you trying to connect to it ?

> And other trouble about the confiuration, in the step:

> Change the schoolserver public IP address supplied by /var/named/ 
> school.external.zone.db to be the public IP of the principal school  
> server. At present time, we don't support DHCP of a school servers  
> --- but this should be correctable with a script or so (Trac Ticket  
> 6138)...
> What's the ip address i have to change?, the one's located in /var/ 
> named/.... for the ip adress given for DHCP. or which ip address i  
> have to change??'

This not a configuration issue that would cause the problems you are  
That issue refers to the IP address supplied as the school when  
queried by an outside
nameserver --- it might stop laptops at home/internet cafe from  
seeing the schoolserver,
but shouldn't affect access inside a home.
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