[Server-devel] troubles with Server

juan josé estrada ventura jev041572 at yahoo.com.mx
Mon Jan 28 12:23:47 EST 2008

good afternoon gentlemen:
My problem is about the configuration of the Server. I've installed the XS Server software. I've follewed the instructions, but none of the XO's con't find the server, and i have connected the antenna. So if you can tell me one way to activate it, or make it visible for the XO's. And other trouble about the confiuration, in the step:
Change the schoolserver public IP address supplied by /var/named/school.external.zone.db to be the public IP of the principal school server.  At present time, we don't support DHCP of a school servers --- but this should be correctable with a script or so (Trac Ticket 6138)...
What's the ip address i have to change?, the one's located in /var/named/.... for the ip adress given for DHCP. or which ip address i have to change??'


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