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Sat Jan 26 11:10:58 EST 2008

I just want to add to Bryan's email about our plans for the school server in
Nepal, and how we might wanna manage content so that it is easier for kids
to use the XO with the server.

On Moodle:
> I am just thinking out loud. These might be really bad ideas.
> 1. Authentication : Can we use a client side script to secure autologin so
> kids dont have to remember login info. The login should take kids to
> whatever (predefined) course they are enrolled in. No front page, no
> selecting etc. This login info should be tied to the XO.? How big a
> concern is security ?
> 2. Really simplify the UI. Use feature like Chat, Workshop, Database
> and maybe assignments and thats it. More modules, more confusing it
> is.
> 3. Create groups and separate them and make other groups invisible,
> and tie each user to whatever group they fall under. Like grade 2 will
> only view Group 2 and work within it.
> 4. Question: How do we let students save their documents in the server
> (not as a part of moodle, but something done outside moodle)? Something
that is tied to the journal would be perfect. Can
> moodle handle something like this?  Some sort of archiving that will
> let students easily save and retrieve files? I guess we should be able
> to write a custom web page to do this and access it from within
> moodle.
Maybe even a Puttyssh or ssh with a GUI ?
> let me know what you guys think.
> best,
> -Sulochan
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