[Server-devel] New build 150

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Fri Jan 18 11:23:49 EST 2008

Announcing the release of a new school server build, 150.
This release provides support for multiple school servers in a  
school. It also includes
primitive ejabberd presence server support.
Provides WLAN Firmware: 20.p49, Kernel:, xs-config:  

Release notes:

Download from here:

Known Problems

* Configuration is state of the art --- for the 1970s!   
Realistically, we are one global parameter
(the domain name) and one service (ejabberd) away from automatic  
configuration. See
example school server configurations to walk you through the steps,  
one by one, at:

* I'm unable to get the automatic install to build properly tonight  
(despite earlier successes),
so you still have to log in as root (no password) and type ./olpc- 
install to start the
installation process.
* For some reason, anaconda has decided to stop setting the root  
password. You should
set it manually ASAP after booting into the installed system.
* Plenty of functionality still missing, such as web caching and IPv6.
* ejabberd needs some [[Ejabberd_Configuration|configuration] before  
starting, which is currently difficult.
* Netplugd is still disabled at this time. It interacts badly with  
the the current libertas
driver, and causes crashes, lack of network, etc. This doesn't seem  
to affect anything
right now, but is an unplanned change.
* The installer stops when to be installed disk has a FreeBSD slice/ 
partition. Removing the
slice with fdisk and rebooting works around the problem.

Upgrading from earlier releases might work (the testing cycle was  
tight!), with a few caveats
listed at the above link.


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