[Server-devel] Notes from first day in Mongolia.

Michail Bletsas mbletsas at laptop.org
Thu Jan 17 11:51:28 EST 2008

> Wireless penetration is extremely poor. We'll probably need mesh
> repeaters -- it makes little sense to have so many servers.
> Need mains->USB power adapters. Or preferably active antennae which we
> can feed Ethernet with POE.
If we are going to install CAT-5, it is much simpler and efficient to 
deploy standard WiFi access points.

> Broadcasts on the mesh seem to take out connectivity, as seen in 1cc
There are two simple optimizations that will go a long way in dense 
* setting the TTL of the mDNS announcements to 1 (the infamous 
per-socket-ttl driver patch)
* setting the multicast rate to 11 or 36Mbps. 


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