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Tony Pearson tpearson at us.ibm.com
Sun Feb 10 18:40:22 EST 2008

Ok, I build some sample screens for discussion purposes.  These are static 
HTML, and I hosted them
up on my personal website (http://www.990tony.com/olpc) so that you can 
all see them from either your XO laptop
or regular PC.

==> Home Page


Here I chose a simple 2x3 table grid.  Graphics I pulled off the OLPC and 
OLE-Nepal websites.  The Nepali text
was cut and pasted from (www.laptop.org/index.ne.html) just for example 
purposes only.  I don't speak Nepali,
so no idea what these words mean.  Basically, a simple "Welcome to the 
Schoolserver!", with options to click
on the "Moodle" logo and the "OLE Nepal" logo as launch points.

For the XO home page on the Browse activity, we could change the 
"Schoolserver" link to point to the appropriate
school server IP address or hostname.

I chose a simple pallet of white and green for this screen.

While the Nepali script reads beautifully on Firefox on my PC, it does not 
show up at all on my XO, not in Brose,
not in Opera, not in Firefox.  In all cases the UTF-8 is converted to tiny 
boxes with small numbers inside.  Perhaps
I need a "Nepali Language Pack" for my G1G1 version of my XO laptop?

==> Information Screen


This is actually just a one-liner <?php phpinfo(); ?> that I found useful 
enough for debugging that we might
consider making it part of the official build.  Note that in the above 
case, you are getting the details of my
ISP hosting service (IpowerWeb) which has PHP v4, Apache, MySQL v4, etc. 
Lots of good details here.

==> Moodle Main Screen


I have put "moodle" as a directory: /var/www/html/moodle and this page is 
a crude emulation of the main
page.  (Sorry my HTML skills are not very good)   Note that the "You Are 
Not Logged In (Login)" appears
both in the upper right corner and lower center of the page.  Both are 
active links, you can follow them to 
the Logic screen (see below).  The course schedule and calendar are just 
flat JPG images for show.

Note in the upper right corner I also have put a pull-down menu.  The 
current Moodle only supports English,
I went and added a second choice "Nepali (in local script)" as a second 
choice.  Again, just for show.

==> Moodle Login Screen


On this screen, if you already have a username/password, then you can 
enter them into the left and
push LOGIC button.  There are also buttons for "Guest Login" and "I forgot 
my Userid/Password".
On the right panel are the steps involved to create a new account.  If you 
select "New Account" 
then you are taken to the "New Account" screen (see below).

As for the statement "( Cookies must be enabled in your browser )" I would 
like to get rid of that,
or perhaps find out if there are special actions needed for cookies in the 
"Browse" activity.  I have 
both Opera and FireFox2 on my XO laptop for testing purposes, but would 
like everything to work
under "Browse" activity.

==> Moodle New Account


On this screen, we see that the upper bar maintains a history. 
Tucson-->Login-->New Account
sort of like a "You Are Here" indicator.  I like that.

Here the assumption is that the user already has an email account of some 
kind.  I went ahead
and made "Nepal" the default country.

==> My thoughts on this.  These are the standard Moodle screens, however, 
I have seen discussion
about "Single Sign On" (SSO) as well as using public/private keys, based 
on XO nicknames and UUID
values, machine serial numbers, and so on.  I would think a Moodle 
username/password would be 
enough (perhaps in combination with PAM modules) to provide the additional 
features like "shared
folders" and "personal folders" that could serve to collaborate files, as 
well as serve as backups.

School --> Grade --> Teacher --> Teams  --> Students

School -- files for that particular school, the cafeteria lunch menu or 
vacation schedule for example, that applies to all grades
Grade -- files for just the second graders, or just the sixth graders, age 
appropriate, students read-only for their grade level.  Teachers of that 
grade level can write access.
Teacher -- files for an individual teacher's class.  Teacher has write 
access to their area only, Students read-only
Teams -- If the teacher wants to group kids off into teams to work on a 
project, then she could 
create teams, and each student would then be assigned to a specific team. 
All students on that
team would have read/write access to the files.  Teacher would have 
read/write access.  Other
students would have no access at all.  (When I taught High School 
economics, I would split class
into four teams, and each ran their own "mock company" or their own "stock 
portfolio" and we 
would treat it like a competition)
Students -- each individual student has read/write access to their own 

Whatever scheme we come up with, I would hope that

(a) For each XO, it could determine the default username, based on the XO 
serial number/UUID,
browser cookies, or whatever.
(b) Allow an override, so that if another student's laptop is down, they 
could enter their username/password
onto a fellow student's laptop, and access their files that way
(c) In the event a broken laptop is replaced with a new laptop, there are 
administration ways to indicate
that this is now the default username for this laptop, and to re-attach or 
re-assign the folders/files accordingly.


Tony Pearson
Senior Storage Consultant, IBM System Storage?
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AKA: 990tony Paravane, eightbar specialist 

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