[Server-devel] Collaboration unreliable 0.5

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 10:52:36 EST 2008

On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 7:05 AM, David Leeming
<leeming at pipolfastaem.gov.sb> wrote:
> - 0.5 version downloaded on 19/11/08 (note if there is an update this might
> be significant, it is difficult to download 500MB in this region)

You can update with yum, enabling the olpcxs-updates repo, like

  yum --enablerepo=olpcxs-updates update

should download under a MB of RPMs data. The latest xs-config
available for updates has some changes that will require that you
remove a file - /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules -- otherwise
the networkign will be messed up.

> I repeated a test three times: reboot and wait 5 minutes, check
> neighbourhood view, run olpc-netstatus and check eJabberd Wed Admin for
> stats, then try sharing Memorise activity and Video Chat (which requires
> registration). After each test I checked again the netstatus
> Results (all 3 tests):
> - All four XOs connect to the server on rebooting
> - Neighbourhood views become fully populated on all four XOs within 3
> minutes.
> - olpc-netstatus has Telepathy=salut, Jabber=(blank), XOs=5,
> Essid=olpc-mesh, Channel=1, School=school.oceania.org, Config=School Mesh
> - eJabberd Admin > Stats shows one user (admin) and no online users
> - Sharing is working with Memorize (even though no XOs registered)!!!
> - Sharing not working with Video Chat (Telepathy error - as expected)
> - Netstatus remains stable throughout the tests as above

Cool - that's getting internet connectivity from the XS, but nothing
else. Ejabberd is not involved...

> I now registered and rebooted all the four XOs and tried same tests (without
> rebooting the server / without restarting eJabberd)
> Test as above, but I gave it more time (up to 20 mins)
> Results (3 tests)
> - All XOs connect after rebooting
> - Neighbourhood view does NOT become populated
> - olpc-netstatus (after 15 mins) on all XOs has Telepathy=gabble,
> Jabber=school.oceania.org (not scholserver.oceania.org) XOs=2 (i.e. that XO
> and the XS only), Essid=olpc-mesh, Channel=1, School=school.oceania.org,
> Config=School Mesh
> - eJabberd Admin > Stats shows five users (inc admin) and 4 online users
> - Sharing does NOT work with Memorize (no icon in neighbourhood view on the
> other XOs, cannot invite as no XOs in view)
> - Video Chat starts OK but no other XO running it can be seen, so sharing
> NOT working

I get the same thing. To avoid re-installing the XS to re-test the
"just registered" scenario you can

 - go with a webbrowser to the ejabberd admin panel, go into the
'schoolserver' vhost listed there and delete all the users registered

 - restart ejabberd

 - restart the laptops

> No different from above

if after registration and first reboot on the XO, you restart ejabberd
and you restart the XOs once more, they'll see eachother -- if you
have created the 'Online' shared roster! This works well here.


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