[Server-devel] olpc rpm repository and fedora mirror

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Tue May 8 09:09:48 EDT 2007


as far as I can tell, OLPC uses it's own rpm repository for customized rpms 
for the xo build. 

How can I add packages there, for the server? Or should we create a seperate 
repository for the server rpms? 

IMO we should: 1. the servers will be based on fedora7 (while the xo is 
currently still based on 6) and 2.) right now, I only want to add one (fai, 
to manage the servers packages and configurations), but soon there will be a 
customized moodle rpm too and other will probably follow.

Currently I created "my own" repository on xs-dev.laptop.org, but I think it 
really belongs on dev.laptop.org - you agree?

Same goes for a fedora mirror, is there one on dev.laptop.org or elsewhere at 

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