[Server-devel] interested in contributing

Aaron Kaplan aaron at lo-res.org
Sun Apr 1 07:26:42 EDT 2007

Dear readers,

I would be interested in contributing - if my skills are suitable for  

Special interests:
  - making the school server a network hub (mDNS/IP assignments,  
backup concept for the XOs, mesh portal tests).

Question: where to start? What is most urgently needed?

Short bio:
Aaron Kaplan, located in Vienna, Austria. (irc nick "aroscha")
I have been mentoring Arthur Wolf for the last summer of code for  
OLPC already.
Over here I built up a big city wide community mesh network with OLSR.
Currently I am optimizing the performance of olsrd (c.f. http:// 
olsr.funkfeuer.at for details)
Studied CS and maths in Vienna.
As an added benefit, I might be able to bring OLPC to the Ukraine,  
but that is still in discussion (--> Walter Bender, I am still  
waiting for an answer ;-)
I consider myself a good C & Unix programmer.
I am currently updating my knowledge of Avahi/mDNS and 802.11s. In  
general my knowledge of meshing is IMHO quite good.

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