[OLPC Security] Dbus/Rainbow problems in build 616

Michael Stone michael at laptop.org
Tue Oct 16 14:49:48 EDT 2007

Marcus -

You are absolutely correct that my previous comment will not solve the
problem. I have just changed the build scripts so that the rainbow
builds will produce both ext2 and jffs2 images; when the next build is
run, you should be able to use the ext2 image to test out the software.

Incidentally, it is reasonably straight-forward to configure QEMU's
network access, so if you're able to hop on #olpc this evening, I can
probably get that working for you.

(The summary is that you tell QEMU to use the tun device to generate its
own interface, you manually configure both the host and the
client-sides of the interface, and you add a suitable firewall rule to
do source-NATing for the relevant IP addresses.) 


On Tue, Oct 16, 2007 at 02:37:54PM -0400, Marcus Leech wrote:
> Michael Stone wrote:
> > Marcus,
> >
> > This is known; the issue is that build 616 contains a very old rainbow
> > package whose main purpose is to provide a working olpc-update script.
> >
> > If you want to try out the current state of activity containerization,
> > please update to build rainbow-7.
> >
> > Michael
> >   
> It's not immediately clear to me how to do that from within a qemu
> "jail".  The qemu images seem to come up with
>   net 10.X.X.X addresses, and it's not clear to me how to get the QEMU
> VM glued in to the local network infrastructure
>   in a seamless way.

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