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Hey Juliano,

Yes, will happy to call the document whatever you think is best. Just
to clarify--this is not for teachers. This is for interns, such as KIE
interns, who are eager to know what makes a "good" training. I tried
to include some of the newer strategies that we found to be a success
during the malaria camp and after (which has since got several
teachers using the laptop and initiated computer time at Kagugu).

But, that is great, if we decide a new approach this can be changed.
This was more of a call to action that we need something like this.


On Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 7:20 AM, Juliano Bittencourt
<juliano.bittencourt at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Hi Julia,
>   Firts of all, thanks for sharing your teachers training guide with us. I think your guide has some intersting ideas.
>   I just think that we should discuss deeper as a group if we should call the document "guide", which is a word that brings many ephistemological meanings. We also should discuss deeper what should be included in the guide and what is its public.
>    If your intentions is really to develop this document, you should really start by doing a bibliographical research about what people say about teachers training, spcecially in Africa and in a construcionist learning philosophy. We aren't the first ones to do teachers training in both of those scenarios and there is a lot of knwledge already developed that we can't ignore. For you being in Cambridge should be easy to visit the MIT libraries and get in touch with all the work developed before by the LOGO community.
>     Secondly, before writing the guide, we really need to access our teachers capacity building methodology. During your abscense, Silvia, Melissa and I have been conducting a series of meetings with our KIE and expat interns to discuss teachers training. the assessment of our initiatives wasn't very good so far. This reflection is what we need to register and discuss before recomending.
>     As you know, our stragies so far where based in what have worked in other countires in the past. Unfortunatelly, those strategies didn't take off here by different reasons. So what we have been doing is to assess what we have developed and come out with new ideas. And than repeat the cycle.
>       best regards,
>       Juliano
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> On 01/07/2010, at 20:07, Julia Reynolds <julia at laptop.org> wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I still have a way to go on this guide, but I wanted to share with you
>> so far...attached please find a draft the potential Rwanda Training
>> Guide. This is something Richard and others have asked for and
>> something I agree would be great to have for those just starting their
>> "OLPC journey."
>> I am sharing this now in hopes that we can all contribute to it,
>> including the KIE interns who are most familiar with this process.
>> Thanks!
>> Julia
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