[Repairs] D6 Brick repairs?

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Fri May 23 14:42:39 EDT 2008

John Gunkel wrote:

> Since there are no "readily available" adapter cables available from
> OLPC, I will pick up the task to make some.

I hope to get them added as a stock item for the spare parts program.

> If someone at OLPC would be kind enough to provide the part number for
> the mating connector for J1 (and maybe even CN24) then I will build
> them, If people are interested in buying them.

The actual mfg part number is a Chinese knock off and won't do you (or 
me for that matter) any good. Details are sparse.  But I matched 
equivalent molex stuff from DigiKey were you can get datasheets for 
other cross reference.

Male SMT header: (J1 is already loaded CN24 is not)

J1 (4pin):	WM7622CT-ND
CN24 (5pin):	WM7623CT-ND
Female mate:

J1:	WM1722-ND
CN24:	WM1723-ND

The pins are: (depending on your wire guage)


Crimp tools:


Here's the catalog page(s):


> I have dug around the wiki for a while and couldn't find anything
> other than a reference to a "special cable" that gets plugged in.

Please add to the wiki where you see fit.

>> If I can get part numbers for the connector, (mine was reclaimed from
>> my junk box) I'd be willing to build cables and/or kits (group buy?)
>> for some the of the gang...

Group buys are always way cool.  I'll offer my assistance if you get 
enough people that you can make it feasible.

Richard Smith  <richard at laptop.org>
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