[OLPC-Peru] Raise the level of the Hardware specifications... or let's do some field tests!

Mitch Bradley wmb en laptop.org
Mar Mar 11 18:27:11 EDT 2008

Bennett Todd wrote:
> 2008-03-11T15:18:57 Jameson Chema Quinn:
>> Now that there are a significant number of laptops in Peru, high-altitude
>> testing may be more feasible. What test plan would you want followed in
>> order to be able to raise the specs?
> Surely this has to start with the folks who specified the current
> limit? Which components or subsystems aren't certified higher, what
> failure mode, what rate?

Very often specifications of this ilk are not the result of knowing that 
the system will fail beyond the limits, but rather the availability of 
test equipment and methodologies.  Manufacturers are extremely 
conservative.  If a manufacturer is no accustomed to testing beyond some 
particular limit, they can be very resistant to it.

> If the failure is "after 8 months, 1% of systems in this specific
> 500-meter altitude window will start exploding at random", a test
> protocol isn't something we'll be able to invent.
> -Bennett
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