[OLPC_Boston] Appetizers on us!

G. Ryan Ansin and EPHAS Party Committee host at invite.pingg.com
Thu Mar 10 22:56:00 EST 2011

  olpc_boston :
  Don't forget to attend Boston EPHAS Bar Night at Dillon's on April 15th, 2011 @ 7pm.

  Hey Everybody,

I just received word from a company who is going to sponsor some free appetizers for the event on April 15th at Dillons. Looking like we're going to have a great crowd but please help us get a head count so we can be sure to have enough for everybody!

I promise to keep the updates to a minimum as to keep your mailboxes clear, but when food and/or prizes are on the line, I figure I'd let you know.

Can't wait to see everyone!


  For more event details please visit: http://www.pingg.com/se42dzczzgs4isjd2

      - pingg

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