[OLPC_Boston] Support team status ping, 3/24

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Fri Mar 27 11:42:02 EDT 2009

> Also on the development side, I'm looking into hacking the record 
> activity to allow kids to make spanish journals with their writing and 
> recordings of them speaking.  Any ideas on that front also appreciated.

This would be a really neat thing to ask about on #sugar and in the 
sugar-devel list too, actually - it's a general hack applicable outside 
of Boston deployments, and the development knowledge needed is on those 
lists (though since it's a feature for Sally's class, the olpc_boston 
list should stay in the loop since the users are here).

I think you can do this without coding - just put a keyword 
("esjournal"?) in the Record and Write activity session names, then you 
can search for those in the Journal.


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