[OLPC_Boston] Available for CFS tech help Monday and Tuesday morning

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Fri Mar 13 20:00:41 EDT 2009

Hi, Mack and Katelyn-

Yifan mentioned that you might need tech folks on campus between now and 
Wednesday to install software on the laptops. I don't know what 
conversations have been going on over email outside this mailing list, 
but just wanted to let you (and other teams here that might need help) 
know I'm available to come to CFS on Monday and/or Tuesday morning. 
(Monday is better; I'm free before 5, whereas Tuesday I'm free before 
noon and somewhat more hosed.)

I check my email each day in the evening, so since this is a short 
timescale you might want to give me a call instead - 847.970.8484 (if I 
don't pick up, send a text message with your name and number and I'll 
call you back).



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