[Olpc-sysadmin] Does anyone mind if I use OLPC Wiki to build some non-OLPC pages?

Greg Smith gregsmithpm at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 13:02:00 EDT 2010

Hi All,

I hope everyone is doing well! The project looks vibrant and active as
always :-)

I have been getting more involved in education in my home town: Newton. I
have been looking for a place to create some wiki pages related to that and
I thought of your wiki: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/The_OLPC_Wiki

Newton's school committee has a directory browse level web site where they
post all their documents:

I'm tired of picking through that to get the info. I would like to
reorganize it and put it on a web site where I can access it more easily. I
can spruce up my semantic wiki skills that way too.

Let me know if anyone has a problem with me building some Newton specific
pages on your site for that purpose.

I wasn't sure of which list to post this one so let me know if it should go
somewhere else.


Greg Smith
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