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2016-05-13 2:16 GMT+08:00 Chris Leonard <cjlhomeaddress en gmail.com>:

> On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 1:40 PM, Sebastian Silva
> <sebastian en fuentelibre.org> wrote:
> > El 12/05/16 a las 10:33, Chris Leonard escribió:
> >> I would note that, as requested, Edgar provided a brief write-up of
> >> the event afterwards (in Spanish),
> >
> > Great!
> >
> > Please note that one of the speakers (Roger Gonzalo) is the person that
> > was hired by the Ministry of Education to polish Edgar's Sugar Aymara
> > translations (at the same time that Edgar was hired by Sugar Labs last
> > year).
> >
> > Since their work conflicted, it would be interesting to hear from Edgar
> > if he had a conversation about it with Roger and what conclusions /
> > plans they have to resolve their conflicts with regard to Aymara
> language.
> >
> >
> Issues of language are best to the members of language communities to
> resolve amongst themselves.  In the end of the day, a deploying
> organization is going to be able to make the final decision about what
> is deployed, as MinEdPeru did.

I agree. Still, I believe collaboration should be promoted, not
competition. Hopefully they did met, shake hands and get happy about the
work they end up making together.

>   In reviewing the number of changes
> made to the existing base of Aymara translations I seem to recall
> seeing something on the order of 1,000 changes, which is actually
> quite small when you consider that there were 20,000 entries in the
> system, representing a 5% diff in an important language where Sugar
> Labs represents the only substantive L10n effort that I have seen.

Indeed. As Sebastian mentions, Roger was selected and hired by MinEdu to
polish Edgar's and José Henry Alanoca's (rip) and initial work.

> The work that Edgar did from the time of the Sugar Labs Lima meeting
> until the MinEdPeru made a decision to hire someone to incorporate it
> into a build for deployment was remarkable and an excellent investment
> of Sugar Labs L10n funds.

Are you making a reference to the funds invested by SL on 2011 Sugar camp
Lima? or were there direct payments?

> "If you build it they will come" is an
> approach that may only succeed in a circumstance like Peru.  I only
> wish we had someone like Edgar working on Quechua (Cuzco-Collao).

Let's analyse what worked for Edgar that did not work for Irma, the former
Quechua team leader.


I hope to see efforts on other Peruvian languages that can make the
> leap to deployment that Edgar made possible for Aymara.

We all. I would start by suggesting some basic investment into upstreamming

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