[Sur] [ASLO] Nueva version Music Keyboard-7

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho en hotmail.com
Jue Mayo 2 23:45:49 EDT 2013

Felicitaciones Gonzalo! Me encanta!
You have done an excellent job with this. The way you allow the user to switch from Qwerty to DoReMe to CDE is ingenious. I checked the intonation with an electronic tuner, and it is right on the pitch it is supposed to be.  
Two small suggestions...
* In some countries "Ti" is used instead of "Si." Is there any way to switch these on the keys in the  DoReMi keyboard?
* Each of the sharps (#s) has a corresponding enharmonic flat (b... well it looks sort of like a "b"). Could you include them above the sharp names on the black keys? So they would go like this...
Db   Eb   Gb   Ab   Bb   Db   Eb   Gb   Ab   BbC#   D#   F#   G#   A#   C#   D#   F#   G#   A#
That way, when a song was in a "flat key" (and lots of them are) there would be no "translation" problem!
I'll play with it some more in the next few days and let you know if there are any other things you might consider. So far, I just tried it on an XO-4 with a touch screen. I need to update an XO-1 so I can see how it works there.
Muy buen trabajo!Carolina (Caryl)

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> 0.98 - 0.100
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> http://activities.sugarlabs.org/downloads/file/28558/music_keyboard-7.xo
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> Output to ALSA directly from csound (Daniel Drake)
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