[Sur] [squeakland.org] update price list of tab computer

sammy en witplay.us sammy en witplay.us
Jue Abr 4 04:03:21 EDT 2013

Goog afternoon, How are you doing now? This is sales manager of Witplay. I see you email http://lists.squeakland.org/pipermail/america-latina/2009-September.txt, and get the idea that you are doing business on 
tablet pc.

I'm a lot honored to tell you that we are producer of tablet pc.

As to tablet pc, Only 43$ tablet pc. only 7 inch screen, 512m RAM, 4g Storage. We also have tablet pc with GPS/3G/BULUETOOCH all integretd, and 9.7 inch tablet pc with 2G RAM, quad core CPU.

As for Samsung phone , now we have a 100 percent ofof galaxy s3 

We also have Samsung note. 

If you want to get our full product list with photos and specifictions, please just reply this mail. Thanks!

Best regards

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