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Vie Nov 16 15:36:46 EST 2012

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0.86 - 0.98

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"I am a release with no bugs"

* Remove warning. SL#4118 (Daniel Francis)
* Fix problems with decimal numbers. SL#4120 (Daniel Francis)
* Removed error when removing a function from a void list. SL#4159 (Daniel Francis)
* Commits from Sugar Labs: Translation System by user cjl. (Chris Leonard, Pootle Deamon)
* New summary (Daniel Francis)
* Push L10n Updates (Pootle Deamon)
* Draw line to the nearest point when it needs a point out of the area (Daniel Francis)
* Draw little border (Daniel Francis)
* Disable sensitive when there's only one function. SL#4159 (Daniel Francis)
* Select a function when removing one. (Daniel Francis)
* Update Sweetener

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