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Thanks Alexandro,
Please send here the list of wrong translations with your suggestions.


On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 11:47 AM, Alexandro Colorado <jza en openoffice.org>wrote:

> I found many issues with the localization for TamTam, in part for maybe the
> lack of knowledge on foreign musical instruments and in part because is just
> based off automated translations that avoid context.
> A couple of examples are:
> slap = as in slap percussion. In spanish was translated as "Bofetada" which
> mostly means slap in the face or for us in Urban dictionary, "bitch
> slappin'" :D
> However I in context is odd to slap your legs or slap that ass with the
> term "Bofetada".
> Other issues are instruments that don't really translate well like the
> plate instrument -- Chimes which is translated as "Bells" however the chimes
> instrument doesnt really resembles any bells (Campandas). Specially since is
> a mixture between ximbal and a triangle instrument.
> Would want to generate a report of all these fuzzy terms and dump it into
> something more people can discuss on a more public list. Feel free to
> contribute the terminology.
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