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Alexandro Colorado jza en openoffice.org
Jue Jun 30 10:47:45 EDT 2011

I found many issues with the localization for TamTam, in part for maybe the
lack of knowledge on foreign musical instruments and in part because is just
based off automated translations that avoid context.

A couple of examples are:
slap = as in slap percussion. In spanish was translated as "Bofetada" which
mostly means slap in the face or for us in Urban dictionary, "bitch
slappin'" :D

However I in context is odd to slap your legs or slap that ass with the term

Other issues are instruments that don't really translate well like the plate
instrument -- Chimes which is translated as "Bells" however the chimes
instrument doesnt really resembles any bells (Campandas). Specially since is
a mixture between ximbal and a triangle instrument.

Would want to generate a report of all these fuzzy terms and dump it into
something more people can discuss on a more public list. Feel free to
contribute the terminology.

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