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Sab Jun 4 18:32:59 EDT 2011

Hola Alexandro y a toda la lista!

Alexandro , antes que nada van mis disculpas anticipadas por tomar
tu correo de otra lista y postearlo en esta.

En estos últimos días por OLPC-SUR he leido a varios de tus
compatriotas. De algunas charlas que mantuvimos y sobre tus últimos
correos, se me ocurrió de preguntarles; sin estar en los zapatos de
ustedes (disculpas por la caradurez) :

¿como ven la posibilidad de crear un "local labs" mexicano ?


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From: Alexandro Colorado <jza en openoffice.org>
Date: Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 11:07 PM
Subject: [Localization] Introduction
To: localization en lists.laptop.org

Hi just want to introduce myself to the list. I usually contribute to
many FLOSS projects including the popular OpennOffice.org and lately
OOo4Kids which is available for the XO/Sugar platform.

I am already working with the Laptop.org wiki on localizing the
developer manual into spanish.

An email regarding the issues around Etoys guide me to have a
conversation with Gustavo and others regarding the propper fashion to
localize this application.

There are some decisions that I think are important to be made if we
want to have a standarize locale in relation with other languages, and
with the overal ecosystem from Etoys.

An issue I saw was the decision between literal translations versus
the adaptation of terms in their original language.

A common issue is deciding what to localize and to what effect. (i.e.
Windows/Word/OpenOffice.org/Firefox are brands that usually are kept
on their original language).

Other terms are localized, however this start creating some issues
between valid translations but different synonims. (example: File ->
archivo vs fichero).

The effect of this term colision cause problems between the 1st and
3rd party documentation, UI, and Help files.

Another issue is the culture clash between permisive cultures that are
more open to adopt foreign terminology and more strict cultures that
translate most of it.

The idea that these tools will be used by children are usually
important since we want to choose the easier naming.

Another position is to have the most standarized localization across
languages. Spanish term should be the most similar to Italian, French,
Portuguese and other romance languages.

I think is valid to think about all of these points and comment on the
best way to stablish a translation style and guideline to follow
throughout the software.

I am interested on learning what other localization teams like people
from Gnome, Mozilla and KDE follow on these concepts.

As a localization lead in OpenOffice.org we give priority to
standarization over acurate terminology. We also try to handle things
on a more standarized spanish whenever possible, however we know is
not great so we are always on the lookout to address and discuss
terminology issues.

Alexandro Colorado
OpenOffice.org Español

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