[Sur] [Localization] Traducciones de Sugar al español

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo en laptop.org
Jue Feb 10 12:20:48 EST 2011

> Forgive me for replying in English, but it is better than subjecting you to
> a Google translation or my high-school Spanish (a blend of Castillian,
> Argentinian and a smattering of NewYorican).
> On this issue of dialect differences, which I believe causes some of the
> changes and reversions you discuss, it may not be as problematic as you
> think to fork locales for Spanish.  I can establish variants in Pootle (e.g.
> es_AR and es_UY, etc.) and populate them with the existing (nearly complete)
> Spanish PO files which can then be modified as needed in their separate
> branches.  The key to maintaining the local flavors would be a determination
> of who exactly had the language admin priv on each variant.  As you mention,
> maintaining an engaged and active language admin is the key issue, it is not
> truly a technical challenge but an organizational one.
I think the problem will be maintain the work over time. If we had the
option to have a "es" master translation, and do only specific changes to
"es_AR", "es_UY", etc would be different, but I think that is nos possible
right now.

> You mention maintaining a dictionary, which is in part the function of the
> Terminology project in Poolte.  Out terminology file is somewhat out-of-date
> and I have been considering regenerating the PO file for Terminology (using
> the poterminology tool) better reflect the current state of our PO file
> collection.  This does not completely solve the issue as people can ignore
> the suggestions of the Terminology project and submit any translation they
> choose.
I agree, is outdated, but may be is good start.

> Just my thoughts.
Thanks! I am really starting with all this. I really appreciate your

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