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Pato Acevedo patitoacevedo en hotmail.com
Lun Feb 7 20:29:17 EST 2011

Hola a todos:

La captura de fotogramas desde Etoys en la xo ya está trabajando.  Agradezco  a Bert y Carlos  por la colaboración.

Pato Acevedo
SugarLabs Chile 

From: carnen en mac.com
Subject: Re: [IAEP] Etoys Help Requested / Pedido de Ayuda Etoys
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 21:14:14 +0100
To: patitoacevedo en hotmail.com

que quieres decir con perfecto,  ¿lograste hacer funcionar la cámara?

On Feb 7, 2011, at 11:39 PM, Pato Acevedo wrote:Carlos, eso  trabaja perfecto.

Gracias por tu apoyo

Pato Acevedo

Subject: Re: [IAEP] Etoys Help Requested / Pedido de Ayuda Etoys
From: carnen en mac.com
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 20:13:45 +0100
CC: iaep en lists.sugarlabs.org; patitoacevedo en hotmail.com; squeakland en squeakland.org; america-latina en squeakland.org
To: bert en freudenbergs.de

thanks for your answer.
I believe I wrote the necessary scripts to get the computer to take pictures at regular intervals and automatically prepare an animation,  based on those pictures,  to get a result hopefully like this:
We still have one problem for which we need help.
Neither me using Etoys in a Mac,  nor the person who asked me to post the question,  using Etoys in Windows,  can get the computer´s camera to respond to the Etoys commands in the video section of the camera visor.
These are the scripts we created,  while we aren´t able to activate the camera:
Dragging the camera object out of the Object Catalog,  I get a blue frame with a working clock on it.
Imagine please,  until we resolve the problem of activating the camera,  that the animation I want to create consists of a series of still pictures of this clock taken at regular intervals.
Please find attached what I have done:

I adjusted the clock in the takePics script to take the photos automatically at regular intervals.
I set it at 0.01 ticks per second which resulted in one photo every 1min 40sec as you can see in the clock photos already in the holder.
For the animation script I set the clock at 1 tick per second to be able to see the difference between each frame.
Carlos RabassaVoluntarioRed de Apoyo al Plan CeibalMontevideo, Uruguay

On Feb 5, 2011, at 10:05 PM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:Try
	Holder include: Camera's lastframe copy
- Bert -
On 05.02.2011, at 19:01, Carlos Rabassa wrote:Texto en Español luego del Inglés

An Etoys user has contacted us for help.
This is what he wants to do:
- Take pictures with and XO at regular intervals,  let´s say every 10 minutes.
- Use a series of these pictures to put together an animation,  the final result being something like this:
He wants to work with Etoys,  not Smalltalk.

He has been trying to use
⎮Camera´s⎮ Lastframe⎮ graphic⎮
to write a script to take the periodic pictures.
He would like to move the pictures to a holder to do the animation.
Instead of getting the pictures he is getting just a tile called
⎮Camera´s⎮ Lastframe⎮ graphic⎮
Your advice would be appreciated.

Texto en Español:
Nos ha contactado un usuario de Etoys pidiendo ayuda.
Esto es lo que quiere hacer:
- Tomar fotos con la XO a intervalos regulares,  digamos cada 10 minutos.
- Usar una serie de estas fotos para juntarlas en una animación logrando un resultado de este tipo:

Desea trabajar en Etoys, no Smalltalk.

Ha estado tratando de usar
⎮Camera´s⎮ Lastframe⎮ graphic⎮
para escribir un guión para tomar las fotos periódicas.
Le gustaría mover luego las fotos a un contenedor para hacer la animación.
En vez de las fotos le está apareciendo un mosaico titulado
⎮Camera´s⎮ Lastframe⎮ graphic⎮
Los consejos de ustedes serán apreciados.

Carlos RabassaVoluntarioRed de Apoyo al Plan Ceibal_______________________________________________
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