[Sur] Please publish and make link to Spanish version of MYOSA

James Simmons nicestep en gmail.com
Lun Sep 6 16:52:14 EDT 2010

Caryl Bigenho, myself, and several others have spent many hours
putting together a Spanish version of the FLOSS Manual "Make Your Own
Sugar Activities!"  Caryl is fluent in Spanish. I have no Spanish but
did do a lot of grunt work setting things up and creating pages
translated using Babel Fish.  Several other native speakers have also
made corrections to some of the earlier chapters.  I have no illusions
that this book is ready to give to Spanish speaking teachers and
children as it is now, but I do think it has reached the point that it
could benefit from being published and linked to on the FM site.  If
people see that there is in fact a Spanish translation maybe more of
them will come forward to do the corrections that I cannot make

Thank you,

James Simmons

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