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Le 17/12/2010 18:27, olpc-sur-request at lists.laptop.org a écrit : (Martin 
> Mathias,
> - in English, then in Spanish -
> Vikidia is a great idea, and it would be _excellent_ to prepare an
> alterative to the "offline wikipedia" activities we have (currently in
> English and Spanish).
>   - How may articles in the English edition? Is it "alive" and active?

There is no english edition, simple wikipedia would be what looks the 
nearest to it but still, it's aim is not exactly the same.
There is just a quite closed equivalent in dutch, ( 
http://wikikids.wiki.kennisnet.nl/ )

>   - How may articles in the Spanish edition? Is it "alive" and active?
> (And French? :-) And Portuguese?)

1.589 "Páginas de contenido" on Vikidia in spanish, that's something...
They have never been as much user as on the french edition. But I guess 
they haven't been some fully inactive weeks since 2 years.
Those times, there is just one or two user. I guess that some old ones 
are around and would hel if some new users came, but it's not very 
active and so very fragile (yet "alive")

>   - Can we get an export of the full database for each of those
> languages? In what format?

Sure, we start to do do that with the french edition. It was used in a 
free sofware DVD here : 
and will be used on a PCLinuxOS
The french database is here :

>   - Can we get traffic / popularity stats per page (so we pick the most
> popular articles -- we have to cut it to fit in our storage)?
Sure, here are the 500 most viewed pages on es.vikidia : 

Nevertheless, my main issue right now, regarding Vikidia in spanish, is 
how to let it be more active than today ! Be it by other people.
I hope you have some ideas about that, so you ca use a much more 
deleopped base of article in 2, 5 or 10 years :-) .

>    = =
> Es una excelente idea, y sería fantástico preparar una alternativa
> basada en vikia para las actividades "wikipedia" que tenemos hoy en
> ingles y español.
>   - Cuántos artículos en la edición en inglés? Está "viva" y activa?
>   - Cuántos artículos en la edición en español? Está "viva" y activa?
>   - Podemos obtener un export de la base de datos para cada uno de esos idiomas?
>   - Podemos obtener estadísticas de trafico / popularidad para cada
> página? (para seleccionar los N articulos más populares - tiene que
> entrar en nuestro disco!)
> abrazos

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