[Sur] escuelab is ready to go : )

kikomayorga kikomayorga en gmail.com
Mar Mayo 5 18:04:40 EDT 2009

hi everyone!

been very busy,



after a long work,

escuelab starts running!

on saturday we held our first meeting with teachers from the near-sierra
region, you can see some pics from that day
and on other activities held at escuelab, you can find out on the escuelab´s
home page <http://www.escuelab.org>

from this week and on, we´re holding weekly XO meetings, every saturday....
from 9am till 6pm,,,

soon i´ll be reporting deeper, just needed to share!

thanks to the contributors program, to adam, to olpc and the constant
inspiration we get from you all supportgangers!

if someone of you is planning to visit Lima, Perú,
please call/write and come by!

+511 3304583 (escuelab)
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