[Sur] receta para TortugArte

Daniel Ajoy da.ajoy en gmail.com
Jue Dic 10 19:46:36 EST 2009

Walter wrote:
> ¿Alguno de los programas de ejemplo existentes que vienen con
> TortugArte de uso? ¿O son demasiado complejos?

I'm not in contact with children. And I only had a chance to see what TurtleArt was before TurtleArt Porfolio.

What I noticed then was that the examples gave the impression that the use of TurtleArt was to make eye-pleasing abstract art.

I would have liked to see more examples of TurtleArt being used to:

* work with numbers
* draw carefully planed and accurate designs (not fractal curves)

I'm still tring to figure out for myself the answer to the questions:

what does TurtleArt excels at?
it what aspects TurtleArt is a better alternative than Scratch or Etoys?

I don't feel I have good answers to those questions yet.


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