[Olpc-socal] Where Should We Move Our List?

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 4 18:38:06 EDT 2013

Hi Folks,

The amount of junk mail on our list is getting huge and, since I'm the "spam filter" I am thinking it is time to move our list to a new place. Maybe it will be harder for the spammers to find us. I have two good possibilities for mailing list hosts. Do any of you have any experience with either of these?  Any preferences?

The first one is a free, open source site, run by a non-profit. It sounds pretty good, but I don't know anyone who has used it so I can't really judge.  They say there is no limit on messages.


The second one is to have a Google Groups mailing list. To be on it, I guess you have to have a gmail account. They also have a limit of 500 mails sent/day/person and 1000 per day/per list. That means if we have 200 list members and we had a lively discussion going on, we could max out very quickly. For example, one email answered by 4 people would be 1000! 

So, if any of you have any experience with either of these or know of any others that would be useful (needs to be free and no ads, please). Let us all know!

When we do choose one, I would like to change the name to the one that was our second choice when we started several years ago: "SoCal OSSIE." Since many of us are interested in a lot of other open source things for education… especially the Raspberry Pi, it seems more appropriate now. Any opinions to the contrary? Other suggestions? 

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