[OLPC-SF] XO-1 browse problem

Hilary Naylor hnaylor at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 15:43:45 EDT 2014

Hi all,
  I'm collecting XOs (mostly from ebay) for a project in Tanzania.
  I now have four XO-1s with the same problem. All have been
upgraded/updated to firmware Q2F20 and build 14, with the hardware
clock reset. At least one was browsing the Internet via my home wifi
ok before it was upgraded (I didn't think to check the others before
  The problem is this: starting with the Browse homepage, where there
are two search boxes, entering a word in the "search olpc" always
works (the URL shows this is a filtered google search). Entering the
same word in "search the web" sometimes crashes the browser. When it
doesn't, the characters in the address bar change to empty rectangles.
I can also enter google.com in the address bar, and search for a word,
but after 3-4 clicks on links, the browser crashes.
  I might think this was a "glitch" in my download of the firmware or
system except that someone else in the same project has experienced
the same effect.
  do you have any suggestions?
Hilary Naylor
Oakland CA

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