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Jerome Gotangco jgotangco at gmail.com
Sat Oct 11 03:07:54 EDT 2008

> What can be done to prevent the sale or pawning of the XO?  Even a few
> hundred pesos could be very tempting to a family faced with no food.  I know
> that I would do just about anything to ensure the health and welfare of my
> wife and son.  I would not find fault in others for doing so themselves.

On the technical side, there is Bitfrost:

On the human side, this is where parent/school discussion comes in.
That's why OLPC, in a way is a turnkey towards introducing technology
and education (and make it scale in the process). The laptop is just a
tool to make the cycle of education work (there's also the school
server in the process). In some countries, they do not let the child
bring home the laptop, not because of the fear of reselling or
pawning, but the possibility of the child getting mugged while on the

> Also, has anyone locally looked into alternative power generation for the
> laptop?  I know that even small rises in the power bills can really hit
> these families hard.  The recent rice growing seasons have been hit with bad
> weather (my father-in-law lost 80% of his tapol (red sticky rice)).  <---
> you can tell I'm a programmer, nested parenthesis :)

Yeah we can look into what's in here:

Solar is definitely the most fit.

Jerome G.

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